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A review of Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat which is a game that can be found on both Playstation 2 and Xbox. It is an action-adventure created by developer Westwood Studios. It is enjoyable to play and has an amazing storyline and beautiful graphics for its time! A must-play If you like action-adventure pirate games!

You start the game off by finding out your father was murdered by a pirate. You then vow to avenge him and set off on finding this pirate… shortly little by little there is crucial information revealed about your mother and from there your quest is to explore and find some chartstones.

Overall the game is awesome and I really loved playing it, the UI / UX was a little basic and annoying at times, but the gameplay and storyline were pretty fun. I liked everything about it from the movement mechanics to the fighting mechanics.

This game is available to play on Playstation 2 and Xbox and can even be downloaded to play on the PCSX2 emulator from popular ROM sites such as CDROMANCE and Vimm’s Lair

What Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Is About

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Developer(s): Westwood Studios
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox
Initial Release Date: 17 February 2002

What Is Good About Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat


I recently picked up a Playstation 2 and straight away got myself a copy of this game. I did nothing but smash through it as a child. It’s got an awesome story, where now, may seem a little cheesy! But back then it was awesome, you got to play as a badass pirate lady with some awesome sword skills.

The idea behind the story is very good and I definitely wish there were more to it. I think I spent a total of around 12 – 16 hours completing the game to 100% (collecting everything such as the treasures, the swords and the scrapbook shells).


That badass pirate lady? Oh That just so happens to be the protagonist of the game, Katarina de Leon. I feel that her small quips/remarks and mannerisms were nailed and I felt that she was a very strong character. There are a few others to name, but I will hold of because it will spoil the story!


The design principles of this game are pretty good, I feel that if the UI / UX was a little bit more clear then this game would be a masterpiece for all! I still feel it ranks quite high up there in my Playstation 2 favourites… but hopefully you can play this game and decide for yourselves!

What Is Bad About Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat

A Little Repetitive

I felt about two thirds through the game that it just began to get really repetitive, but I suppose I did play it non-stop for two days straight! A few of the quests are quite similar in the like of;

Random NPC: “Ayy yo, can you go find 5 of x for me?”
Kat: “Yes, no problems”
Random NPC_2: “I need 5 of y, is this something you may be able to find?”
Kat: *Has a tonne of other 5 of x, y and z items she needs to find* – “Yes, no problems”

You get the picture… it becomes very tiresome finding 5 items scattered across multiple islands! Especially for certain missions… but I will leave that for you to find out.

UI / UX Not So Great

As I have already mentioned above, the UI (User Interface) and over all UX (User Experience) is not that great. When you die… it sends you all the way to the starting menu, you then need to load in and then go all the way back to where you were before. So in other words, you don’t save, you get sent back all the way to your last save. Of course, if you like challenging games, this is a great “feature”. There are also other small things which personally, for me, it ruins the experience slightly.

Overall Conclusion

Would I recommend you play this game? Yes? Who doesn’t want to be a badass pirate? It’s an awesome game and the graphics aren’t half bad either. It’s definitely going to entertain you and you might even be able to make your own challenges along the way. Mine were the following;

  • Open all treasure chests.
  • Beat the game in under a week.
  • Defeat all the bosses without dying once.

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Let me know if you have played Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome game.

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat






OST / Sound Effects




Replay Value



  • Storyline
  • Characters
  • Design


  • A Little Repetitive
  • UI / UX Not So Great
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