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A review of Scarface: The World Is Yours which is a game that can be found on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and even the Nintendo Wii. It is an action-adventure created by developer Radical Entertainment and it gives players immersion into the world of Tony Montana. It is very enjoyable to play and has an amazing story and beautiful graphics! A must-play If you like action-adventure games mixed with the hint of crime.

At the beginning of the game you are presented with the option to do the tutorial or to just dive in and start playing. I would recommend you play the tutorial to get a feel for the controls and mechanics before diving in!

You start off at where the film finishes, except instead of being shot in the back and floating in your indoor fountain, you miraculously escape just in the nick of time. From there you begin rebuilding your empire and once again making the world and everything in it yours again.

Overall as a lover of the film, when I was given this as a birthday gift I screamed with excitement! I did not stop playing this game everyday after school until I completed it and then I replayed it some more!

This game is available to play on PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and even the Nintendo Wii and can even be downloaded to play on the PCSX2 emulator from popular ROM sites such as CDROMANCE and Vimm’s Lair.  

What Scarface: The World Is Yours Is About

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Developer(s): Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s): Vivendi Games, Sierra Entertainment
Series: Scarface
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Psychological
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Wii
Initial Release Date: 25 July 2006

What Is Good About Scarface: The World Is Yours


I really liked the way the story progressed and the fact you go through each step to rebuild your empire from scratch! I liked the premise of the balls system and how being ballsier would score you more drugs.


I remember putting this on for the first time on my PS2 and being blown away with how good it looked! However, I feel that this could still be said when replaying it on current days technology (PS2 with HD Component cable) and even through a PS3 (Phat) or emulator.

Fighting Mechanics

I really enjoyed making the heads and limbs of my enemies fly off, and I felt that for it’s time this fighting mechanic was top tier. I felt it definitely beat the Grand Theft Auto Series at the time.

Taunts and Quips

I really loved the fact the taunts and quips were incorporated into the game, especially when taunting or randomly speaking to people walking past. It just made it that much more immersive as if you were actually Tony Montana.

What Is Bad About Scarface: The World Is Yours


To be honest, for its time, this game was the bees knees and quite frankly I cannot think of anything which is bad about it.

Overall Conclusion

Overall would I recommend you play this game? Yes? Why would you even question it! It’s Scarface! But in all seriousness, if you are after an awesome game to throw back to and get a nice giggle and laugh out of the taunts and quips the characters say, then this is the one for you!

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Let me know if you have played Scarface: The World Is Yours or are thinking of picking it up in the comments below! Be sure to share this with your friends and make them aware of this awesome game.

Scarface: The World Is Yours






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  • Storyline
  • Graphics
  • Fighting Mechanics
  • Taunts and Quips


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